Is Ravencoin Next-Best Coin to Mine after Ethereum?

The Crypto community is planning to shift mining rigs from Ethereum to another profitable coin after the merge, this shift from PoW to PoS has badly affected the whole market and all coins are going down, the Ethereum crash has been devastatingly restricting the price to below $2000. Major miners on YouTube have shut down their rigs, so I did the same even though I have only two graphics cards, it is still not affordable to mine other coins.

The good news is that you can still mine coins on your mining rig, just change the overclock settings and try to maintain the temperature as much low as you can. Profitability has been badly affected there is no doubt about it, those who purchased expensive GPUs recently, are totally at loss, they can not even touch the breakeven point. What to do next? Well, Ravencoin is the next-best coin to mine.

Is Ravencoin Next-Best Coin to Mine?

Is this the same time as 2018 For Mining?

Yes, at that time GPU mining was not profitable but still many miners were mining some coins, after the Bitcoin BOOM, the market became really stable and profitable, this usually occurs almost after five years, big whales buy Bitcoin, and Bitcoin crashes, when the price goes up, they enjoy the big meal of their profit.

The situation is the same here, you can mine if you can bear some expenses from your pocket, and once the market will rise again, you will earn a good amount of money, Ethereum Classic is the next best option if you feel that Ravencoin consumes a lot of electricity.

Ravencoin Mining Pool – 2Miners

Ravencoin requires 6.19 TH/sec maximum while it is mined on 5.99 TH/sec right now at 2Miners, it will change with the passage of time when difficulty will increase, more miners will join and the workstation will be added frequently.

Suppose if you have one RTX 3090 Graphics card, it will give you 52 Mh/sec from where you will be able to earn $14 to $20 per month, that is not a profit at all, since you have more Ravencoin so you can wait for the market to touch the standard price, once the price of Ravencoin will go up, you can cover your all loses.

Ravencoin Mining Pool - 2Miners

Should I run my Mining Rig to mine Ravencoin?

This year, I would see a magical change in the crypto market, unless, any miracle happens and the market suddenly gears up to move forward, If you are a newbie, I would not even recommend you to buy GPU right, wait for a few months, the GPU prices will go down once the demand will go down.

Right now GPU market is already facing this issue, Ethereum merge has forced miners to shut down their rigs and mining farms, only gamers, designers, and animators are buying GPUs right now. You will see a huge decline in prices so I would recommend you to wait and watch the market closely.

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