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I started my career at Upwork as and freelancer five years ago, since then I worked on several blogs as a writer, SEO analyst, and Rewriter but never thought to create my own platform, unfortunately, I got an accident one year ago and I was hospitalized at that time, my leg was broken.

While lying on the bed, I thought why not start my own blog, I soon registered my domain but got stuck with that as tons of websites were already working in my niche, it was, therefore, impossible for me to gain the user’s confidence, secondly, I was a writer and SEO expert only, had no clue how to rank my blog professionally. I tried to nail it but failed badly, since then I started reading on backlinks and other Neil Patel websites, there I got an idea to start my own project purely based on Affiliate Networks.

Searching for suitable domains was a tough job for me, finally, It took two names from the top listed websites and merged them,  GPU and radar(that covers all about GPU only). I made it to help miners especially because I love mining, the only Passive income approach you can easily do while you are doing other stuff as well.

I tried my level best to write my first ever unbiased article on the best smartwatches as I believe that the demand for modern smartwatches is going viral these days. I personally wanna buy any of the smartwatches right after some collection.

Why did I create it?
I thought to buy graphics cards for mining to earn some cryptocurrency, but I was unable to find cheap and affordable graphics cards soon I found some other companies offering the same 24Gb graphics card at the lowest price, and I realized why not start my own professional website to help others, it took me a lot of time to narrate and find some related names, soon I got this name and purchased it, my efforts are to help miners, programmers, animators and gamers to provide their best graphics cards at a cheap price.

Honest Reviews:
You might be wondering by someone would crawl gpuradar and go for hot graphics cards prevailing in the market, my simple answer is that I’m not here to promote any blog or website rather, to share honest reviews and diligent stuff that may help people to make an easy decision.

Reviews and information are written in such a way that may lead buyers to select the right and affordable products at a reasonable price.

You know there is a never-ending conversation when we talk about technological improvements, innovation, and enhancement so reviews would be updated accordingly.