NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000

Why Graphics Cards are so Expensive?

There are several reasons why Graphics cards are so expensive, you must know that for every PC a graphics card is an integral part. It connects the motherboard and the computer. It performs many important functions and helps to solve complex algorithms.

A perfect, high-quality, and precisely edited video is essential for a better editing process, which makes it possible to accomplish better video editing. These days graphics cards are used for mining to earn some passive income.

Expensive Graphics Cards

Top graphics card Brands like Nvidia, AMD, ASUS, and EVGA are charging more, these cards are used for different purposes, and choosing a graphics card is very technical, Additionally, the demand makes them expensive in the market. PNY and Nvidia graphics cards are really expensive.
NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000

Reasons that make Graphics Cards so Expensive?

There are so many reasons for the High Price Some of them are stated here.



If you want to have a better understanding of what this market looks like, read this book. You’ll learn why the game industry is growing in popularity and what it is currently worth.

Whether you play video games or just want to practice your skills, people of all ages enjoy playing them. Playing video games is better than ever. You can get an excellent gaming experience with the right computer hardware, and you’ll definitely have a great time.

You’ll get the best gaming experience if you have a PC with a high-quality graphics card. Playing games on the computer with a good graphic card will make it easier to see everything on the screen clearly and sharper, which is important for getting the best score.

Video game lovers are always looking for the best graphics cards for their computers. It’s a green signal for the graphics card companies that it is high time to sell graphics cards at more expensive price tags.

Graphics cards are widely used in mining cryptocurrencies that’s why they are demanded more and brands charge you higher prices, a mining rig may contain more than two graphics cards, and computer resources are used to get a reward from the blockchain. When the value of Bitcoin goes up the graphics cards become more expensive.

Digital currency mining is a trendy and profitable investment when the market explodes. Graphics cards for mining are worth more when they are used on the mining rigs are used. Graphics cards can’t be used to mine money instead they mine High-Value coins.

You need expensive graphics cards for this purpose, High-quality cards are used for better mining so it would be better to use more than 4GB graphics cards to mine. Miners like to know that they want a graphics card with a payback period so that they can get their money back.



Graphics cards are very expensive because of their scarcity. It will take a long time to get a new graphics card, whether you are looking for a next-gen card or an older one. Due to huge demand around the world, there is usually scarcity. The limited exposition of cards is more noteworthy than the rest.

The global chip shortage is what is behind it. That means that a certain type of chip is used in different types of equipment. Semiconductor chips are part of the compulsory components of graphics cards.

The massive production of graphics cards has been affected by the shortage of these chips. There is a clear bustle in the graphics cards market that increases the price more than the average.


Demand & Supply

The demand for graphics cards is so high, that the worldwide supply isn’t able to meet the global demand. With the growth of the internet and the spread of high-speed connections, people around the world are getting interested in video gaming.

This means that a computer to play video games just needs a better graphics card to deliver a proper quality of gaming. However, it is not just the increase in gaming demand that increases the demand for graphics cards.

This is a very important part of rendering and ray tracing to the screen. Multi-functional uses make it desirable, and its need is a necessity. These are the latest cards released by the manufacturers.

In addition, because of a worldwide card shortage, prices have been sky high, and in some cases, impossible to get. This is why the graphics card market is growing and will continue to do so because of the increasing demand and abundant supply. The rising cost of graphics cards is bad news.


Consistent Performance

New features are often added to each year’s model of a technical device or machine. One of the reasons why graphics cards are so expensive is because the new cards are so much better, higher, and improved than you expected.

The performance is enhanced from 50% to 60% over the previous generation cards. To make a product technologically more advanced and superior requires a lot of hard work and time.

When you want to produce a new graphics card, you have to work hard on the design and engineering it. They have to work out their thoughts into success in order not to compromise their product’s quality or quantity. The new-gen cards are harder to produce than the older ones.

New graphics cards are built with new materials. It takes a long time to complete. Different types of jobs are to be done very accurately. These facts matter in the high cost of production. It is possible that higher quality equates to a higher price.

Graphics cards are not different. As they are inscribed with better quality, they want a superfluous amount of cost. A new boundary has been created in the history of graphics cards. They were designed with high-quality graphics at very large resolutions. It’s a big step in the history of graphics cards.



They’re called scalpers because they look for financial gain by acting various kinds of tactics to meet their goals. They’re bad guys. The traders purchase several types of highly valuable commodities and resell them at a hefty price.

Graphics cards are one of the most popular items in their store. Scalpers work consistently and systematically. They first buy graphics cards as early as possible when they’re available in the market.

It is an artificial shortage to create the impression that consumers will have trouble finding them. When products disappear and customers are looking for them desperately, scalpers expose their cards at a ridiculous price tag.

People are very hesitant to pay a lot for items that they don’t really need, but when they feel forced to do so, they spend their hard-earned money. It is the scalpers themselves who have created this synthetic scarcity of graphics cards, and they make them desirable to customers by creating scarcity.

Eventually, the price will always rise and the price is always an important part of the luxury product business.


US Import Duty/Tariffs

The United States recently imposed a tariff on Chinese imports, including computer components like graphic cards and motherboards. This caused a lot of concern over what this might mean for the future of the market. Tariffs were imposed on December 31, 2020.

Some regions have started charging more for their graphics cards as a result of this new tariff. The graphics cards of world-famous brands, like those made by ASUS, EVGA, Zotac, etc, immediately stand out in their respective field.


Pandemic Restrictions

The world is affected by the Covid-19 virus. Everything is overcast and the result is everywhere. Graphics cards are in danger after this. Troubles are created in different ways by the Pandemic. People are staying at home due to the Pandemic. They are likely to have personal devices.

They are using mobile phones, laptops, and other social sites when they are confined to walls. The demand for graphics cards will go up eventually. The entire world is isolated as a result of Covid-19. One area is disconnected from another and from one country to another. The international shipping of goods from one country to another was stopped for a period of time.

There is a shortage of the goods and accessories that are to be imported. It adds a significant cost to the price of necessary commodities because of this. International shipping does not bring regularity to the market yet. Consistency in the graphics cards market is present.

These are the reasons for the high price of graphics cards. The popularity of gaming, the rarity of graphics cards, and the quality of materials increase the value of graphics cards. A superfluous amount of cost seems inevitable. The price of graphics cards is insane.


CUDA Cores & Tensor Cores

A good graphics card comes with a beautiful combination of CUDA cores and Tensor Cores, for those who are beginner and don’t know much about this, must keep one thing in mind these cores works similar to your normal CPU cores, 1 CUDA core means 1 CPU core, they significantly improve the performance with multi-tasking ability, while Tensor cores a little bit advanced and fast.

The combination of CUDA and Tensor cores makes these graphics cards really fast but at the same point increase the cost too, that’s why modern graphics cards are too expensive these days.

Do you need an expensive graphics card?

It isn’t always. It is not true that expensive cards are worth the money. Yes, expensive graphics cards are more efficient than cheap ones. When graphics cards are launched they are expensive but when more and more brands come into that competition, the price goes down.

Let’s talk about the Tesla graphics cards, They were the most expensive when launched with 24GB of RAM at a price of more than 10K but now you can get that graphics card for less than 3000 dollars. Always try to search the price before making any decision.

What is the most expensive graphics card for gaming?

The price of graphics cards is higher than ever but you will be surprised to know that PNY graphics cards are the most expensive ones, with 48GB RAM you will get a much better, fast, and supremely effective graphics card.

Many Websites are sharing the Tesla graphics card as the most expensive one but that was launched many years ago, now PNY offers more RAM and speed and charges you half of the Tesla graphics card, so there is no purpose in paying more on the graphics card with less RAM size.

How many GB is good for a graphics card?

Graphics cards start from 2GB to 48GB, it depends upon your need, if you want to play games you can use 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, and 12GB graphics cards, miners can use more than 12GB graphics cards so that they can get back their money as early as possible. If you like to play 4k or 8k games, you need at least an 8Gb graphics card.

Is a 4GB graphics card good?

Yes, 4GB graphics cards are good to get 1080 pixels resolution on the screen, these graphics cards are also good to play Fortnite Battle Royale, PUBG, Max Payne, Far Cry, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Is 8GB Graphics Card Good?

Yes, 8GB Graphics cards are highly demanded because they are not only used for gaming but also for mining, Video editing, animation, and rendering.

The scientific projects need high speed to solve complex algorithms, 8Gb is the perfect choice for them too. You can play games like Battlefield 5, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and Doom Eternal.

Are expensive graphics cards worth it?

Yes, graphics cards are one of the secured ways of investment if you are a minor but if you want to play games you can choose the modern graphics cards, do you know PNY graphics cards are the most expensive ones on Amazon. Graphics cards also assist you to do complex algorithms and scientific projects that’s why they are demanded the most.

For computation or video animation, or 3D rendering, you need a bigger graphics card with more RAM size so that your PC can perform with consistency, they assist your computer when bigger tasks are performed. These cards help you to generate images on the screen, every dot on the screen contains information that is derived from the signals.

Of course, Mining has increased the demand for these graphics cards that’s why they are demanded the most, you can get back your money as early as possible, all you need is to make the right calculation after deducting the expenses.

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