Top 5 easy steps for better gameplay in PUBG

What is a PUBG?

Player’s unknown battlegrounds is a combat strategy game that saw widespread popularity during its launch and yet after 3 years of its launch there has been no decrease in the popularity of the game. Do you know how to play a game like a professional? The people from all over the world play this game together.

The game begins when you are on an island with other players and the one with the better game is in control. The game doesn’t have any specific tricks or tips. There are some tactics that can work for you in the game. A player or team is going to get the chicken dinner if they win the game. If you want to get that chicken dinner, you need to have a good strategy. Better game play in the mobile versions of the game is what we need.

How to play PUBG game?

There are so many options you can use to play this PUBG game, just go through it.

Top 5 easy steps for better gameplay in PUBG

There are some 5 steps that will help you to play PUBG and improve your gaming expertise. All in all, it is the perfect team strategy that can help you to achieve better results, however, you must go through the settings first.

i) 2 vs 3 vs 4 finger claw gameplay:

The person who gets the chicken dinner will be determined by how many fingers you play in the game. Adding or removing a finger from your game can help in tight situations. More fingers will help you with more mobility and options at the same time. A player has to experiment with all the different styles to see which suits them the best.

When you are playing with more fingers than you can hold, there should be enough space on your mobile device. It can take a week to get used to the new style but it is definitely worth it. Most of the controls at a time and two the least are included in a four-fingered game. In more detail, let’s look at it.

1) 2 finger setup for PUBG mobile:

The easiest style to use for players is the mobile 2 finger layout. We usually have a fire button on the right and a control on the right. The player can change some of the controls, such as jumping at lower right and peak. I wouldn’t recommend using this style because it offers few options at a time.

2 finger setup for PUBG mobile
2 finger setup for PUBG mobile

2) 3 finger claw gameplay:

3 finger claw gameplay
3 finger claw gameplay

The 4 finger claw style is more complicated than the 2 finger claw style. The typical control setting includes a move button at the bottom left, fire button at the top left, and right players can adjust other settings to jump, peak, and open scope.

3) 4 finger claw PUBG mobile layout:

4 finger claw PUBG mobile layout
4 finger claw PUBG mobile layout

Four finger claw control is the most complex of all and can work like magic if mastered. You can only move and fire with a 2 finger thumb setup, but at any given moment the player can jump, fire, move and open the scope.

Yes, it is crazy right! It is possible for players to switch to this after getting better at 3 finger claw game-play. I would personally recommend the 4 finger claw setup in the game as it offers various types of controls at a given time and that could be a reason between a kill or getting kills because it depends on how well we manage the character in the game.

ii) Join or Create a clan:

Join or Create a clan
Join or Create a clan

One of the most important improvements to your game is joining an active clan. If you join a clan, try to get in touch with them on audio. How do I know if a particular clan is right for me? If they help you understand their strategies and have better game play than you do, that’s the answer. You would be required to try with different clans and see which one is best suited for your needs, as well as learning from their own game play. They used to say that great teamwork was based on individual contribution.

It’s entirely up to the player on which style makes him/her more pro. It is possible to play safe or rush but that should coincide with your team. Team players have to be sure that they are going to defend or attack in a particular situation. Surely, this is one of the important tricks you need to follow. Certain teams play safe and some play rush, but the main thing is how do each member communicate with each other and their roles in a team.

iii) Mastering close range combat technique:

Mastering close range combat technique
Mastering close range combat technique

In order to master close combat, you have the option of playing a game in which you are constantly spawning until a team completes 40 kills or time completes. It is possible to master close combat with the help of a tip or trick in the game.

In case of the classic, you can try different strategies in a single match, without having to start a new game. Reckless control, scope opening and killing enemy, killing without a scope, killing with a different scope such as 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x and 8x are some of the ways that you can try.

It is possible to make your own with time, but only if you focus on the strategies that are most important to you. Sometimes you can only get a single game in war mode, but it is a similar concept to a sniper game. It is possible to practice war mode in solo mode. You have to jump from a plane to get to the map.

iv) How to Control Recoil in PUBG Gameplay?

How to Control Recoil in PUBG Gameplay
How to Control Recoil in PUBG Gameplay

The enemy player gets killed most of the times not because of the fact that the bullets didn’t hit him but it’s because the bullets don’t connect to his body. To overcome this, you can either use attachments or change ADS sensitivity.

This is a trick used in PUBG by most of the competitive players. There are many different types of attachments available to you when playing in PUBG, and we’ve created a list below for you to choose from.

  • Compensator: It helps with controlling vertical and horizontal recoil.
  • Vertical Foregrip: The gun will move less in vertical axis once equipped.
  • Tact shock: Equip this for better recoil control and avoid Weapon shake.
  • Angled Foregrip: Scope opens faster when equipped.
  • Light grip: It increases recoil recovery and stability.
  • Thumb Grip: It reduces Scope opening time, it increases stability and reduces vertical recoil to some extent.

Attach items such as compensator, light grip, extended mag and a tact shock to maximize recoil control. The best way to control AKM is with a Compensator. If the gun goes out of control, try to stop firing. One thing to keep in mind is that different guns work for different purposes. Every player has their own preference for settings of sensitivity control.

v) X factor:

X factor
X factor

There is no information left on how to become a pro. In this channel, no one can stop you from becoming the next ace if you have a clan that coordinates well, decent gaming, well-controlled recoil, and use PUBG tricks and tips. Limitive belief and lack of practice are the only things that can hold you back. Make strategies once you find your clan and learn what works best for you. In the end, it’s just a game and your main aim is to enjoy your journey in this game from gold to ace. It will come naturally, so don’t worry about better gaming in the game.

Final Remarks:

In summary, Pubg isn’t difficult to get a mastery at. Use these tips and tricks to improve your PUBG gameplay. I am sure that this advice will help you. If you’re into shooting, practice regularly in the training room, it will improve your gaming experience.

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