Awesome Team strategy in PUBG mobile to get 25% more WWCD

In battle Royale games, team strategy can be defined as the division of different roles among teammates and the implementation of assigned roles in different combats. In a battle or two, the roles might change, but the essence of your roles will help you gain a clearer vision in the long run. In almost every Battle Royale game, we need to know the team strategy and the different roles that will help us.

If we have a squad with a variety of players from beginner to advanced, then the division of roles and team strategy in the game is very important. In tight situations, a team that is surrounded by multiple teams from both ends can come in handy if we divide our roles. A maximum of four roles can be chosen for the team of four players.

Team strategy PUBG

Why should we need a perfect Team strategy?

To spend good Time:

PUBG is world’s best game to enjoy with, the joy that comes from playing games with our team should be more often than not. It will make us feel confident about our skills and ability to pull close games. Not knowing what our teammates are doing will make anyone lose interest very quickly. I am sure that you will like this too. You should check out the 3 Finger claw if you want to get better results and also want to spend good time with better results.

Avoid Confusion:

It is most likely that confusion in a tight situation will cause our team to lose a match and cost us game rank. Having roles that are pre-defined makes it easier for us to play along with our teammates. It is possible for a team to get trapped in a situation where chances of winning combat are very low. These fatal mistakes should be the responsibility of the opponent.

Improve one’s gameplay:

It will make anyone focus better on a particular style and reinforce skills related to it over different matches if they have a team strategy in the game. After a period of time, we will get to know the real us and decide if we are comfortable with that role or not. One can progress in a systematic way to achieve a role that is suitable for him/her. In addition, to make your game better. You need to follow some easy steps for better gameplay in PUBG to become an expert.

Roles divided among 4 Players while Playing PUBG:

  • Leader
  • Fragger
  • Sniper
  • Support/Beginner

1) Leader:

This is the definition of a leader: to take charge of a situation, and pull the game into focus even in most stressful situations. No matter which team you belong to, every team needs a leader who can plan out things in the most sensible way.

As a team leader it is important for you to have the knowledge of different Strategies in different maps. There’s an old saying that goes: “The best leader leads from the front.

If we talk about the PUBG, the leader contains almost 4 members and the role of the leader is pretty specific, a leader has to take solid decisions in crucial moments, after playing in a group, anyone can decide about the leader. A good leader mostly makes important calls, such as attacking, defending or to retreat.

  • Check the current situation
  • No delay in communication
  • Don’t be hasty in panic situations
  • Follow your team mates and help them accordingly
  • Share and get some opinions with your team

2) Fragger:

Of all the mentioned roles, fragger has the riskiest job. This is the first support role. Fragger is the one who has the most kills in any game and has the primary role to clear the area by killing any possible enemy in close range.

After the leader gets the location of enemy teams from the sniper, the leader makes a plan and it should be mostly executed by the fragger and the support. If the snipers and leaders have shot each other, the fragger will go to the spot and clear the area. This means that, in order to become an effective fragger, you need to have the below mentioned skills as well.


Duties of Fragger:

There are some solid duties of Fragger stated as under.

  • Be brave to deal with your enemy
  • Should not be afraid of close combat
  • Fastest receation
  • Fragger directly communicate with the Sniper
  • It is just like a land army, Fragger has better death ratio

3) PUBG Sniper:

If there is more than one enemy team, the number of player in each one of them will be determined by the person who spotted the enemy teams. If you want to get one or more players to lose out on their armour, you need to knock down the enemy player and get one or more players to lose out on their vest and helmet.

The biggest armour of a sniper is called stealth. To ensure that his/her team is in a better position before other members can perform a successful evacuation and clearing of the enemy location, a sniper must hide his/her location and attempt multiple knockouts.

The sniper has the quick access to knockout the enemy if the own teammate is either in trouble or having a chance of being knockout. Sniper has to wait for his enemy to come in range as the real snipers do during war or you might have seen in movies.

PUBG Sniper
PUBG Sniper

Duties of PUBG Sniper:

Followings are some of the well-known duties of PUBG Sniper, you can go through it.

  • Calm and stable, don’t be hasty at any stage
  • Shoot at head
  • Fragger must be in touch always
  • Guide your teammates to be aware of the opponents
  • If required you can call back your army

4) Support your Newbies:

There should be a proper strategy if you are willing to start a team, you must take care of your new teammates, so that they can learn some thing about how to play these games, PUBG is very strategic game that comes with superb features that were not available in other games in past.

The Support team provides assistance to the team members and particularly the fragger. The fragger is often assisted by support players who move behind the fragger and collect med-kits, bandages, first aid, painkillers and energy drinks for the team.

If you are playing as a team and one person gets killed, you will have to revive him, but if he is revived and then a person on the enemy team gets killed, you can take that position. In addition, it pays to keep an eye out for an attack when there is one coming from the back. The player who drives the car and takes teammates to the destination is the fragger.

If your team gets overwhelmed by a strong team, it’s vital to have a support. It can keep the car ready, so the team that got overwhelmed can escape safely. You’ll learn how to prepare grenades and throw them at your enemy in buildings. The player who’s least experienced in the team should be kept as a support.

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