What is Nvidia Morpheus

What is Nvidia Morpheus?

The name must be taken from the ancient greek God associated with sleep and dreams. Morpheus is also the fictional character that was used in the famous movie “The Matrix”. The function of Nvidia Morpheus is to protect and give a framework with magnificent security.

Nvidia has smartly designed the Nvidia Morpheus “an AI framework for cyber security”. The purpose of this framework is to protect the developers who are developing any sort of game from malware, security breaches, and other cyber attacks.

This new concept is associated with AI technology that makes the entire system reliable and powerful, the framework is a much better place for developers to enhance cybersecurity that is almost unbreakable to breach. The framework helps gamers to develop games with more ease and comfort so that they can smartly design their characters and games.

What is Nvidia Morpheus?

AI-Based Threat Detection:

Nvidia has manufactured the graphics card that comes at a scale previously impossible to achieve, observes all data across the entire network, and applies artificial intelligence inferencing and real-time monitoring to all necessary packets and data streams.

Perfect Data Visibility:

Improve your cybersecurity and response to malware incidents by using an enterprise-wide analytics and visualization platform to analyze 100% of your data across the enterprise, flag anomalies, and provide intelligence in an actionable form to enable cybersecurity analysts to respond to threats quickly.

Cybersecurity Threats:

Bring together unmatched AI processing with real-time monitoring of every server and packet throughout the data center. Security teams have never had this much visibility into their threats.


Take advantage of free NVIDIA Morpheus instant-access labs to get your hands-on experience with this powerful new VR platform. This book provides a broad set of techniques for analyzing the behavior of online users and machines.


With this tool, we can uniquely identify users and machines across our enterprise data center, employing unsupervised learning to flag when user and machine activity patterns shift.

What are the benefits of Nvidia Morpheus?

AI Assistance:

You can deploy your own models using deep learning frameworks such as Keras or Tensorflow. Use a Morpheus pretrained and tested model to build applications that identify leaked sensitive information, detect phishing, ransomware, malware, or fraud, or flag user behavior changes.

GPU Accelerated:

The Morpheus SDK enables you to inspect all network traffic in real-time, identify anomalies, and quickly act to prevent attacks.

Development & Deployment:

Morpheus helps companies build better security solutions by integrating tools to make it easier for developers, sysadmins, and operations teams to build better security solutions.

Built on the NVIDIA AI platform including RAPIDS libraries, deep learning frameworks, and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, Morpheus simplifies the analysis of logs and telemetry to help detect and mitigate security threats.

Real-Time Telemetry:

Morpheus has received real-time, rich network telemetry from every DPU-accelerated server and DOCA-based application in the data center without impacting performance. It can get rich, real-time data on the network as well as inside every application from its servers.

Integrating the AI computing framework into a third-party cybersecurity offering brings the world’s best AI computing to communication networks.

Nvidia Morpheus uses Cases:

Detect Crypto-Mining Malware:

I have used graphics cards for mining and found Nvidia really powerful, it is good to know that it catches anomalies by profiling behaviors to spot crypto-mining malware, which can result in malicious DNS traffic and overutilization of computing resources.

Sensitive Information Detection:

Find and classify leaked credentials, keys, passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and more.

Digital Fingerprinting:

Uniquely fingerprint every user, service, account, and machine across the enterprise data center and then employ unsupervised learning to flag when user and machine activity patterns shift.

Phishing Detection:

Use this natural language processing (NLP) AI model to analyze entire raw emails to classify them into ham, spam, or phishing categories automatically.

Fraudulent Transaction:

Detect fraud at a fraction of the time and cost using graph neural networks (GNNs)–a capability that was not feasible before without massive amounts of labeled data.

Ransomware Detection:

Identify and stop ransomware at the point of entry up to 3x faster with NVIDIA App Shield, the Morpheus cybersecurity pipeline, and NVIDIA BlueField as a high-speed, high-fidelity source.

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